Have you checked out Kickbike 30A yet? Spotted one of those unusually shaped two-wheelers and wondered what it’s all about? Well, here are 5 reasons why you should kick those bike pedals to the curb and buy or rent a Kickbike the next time you’re heading out to explore 30A.

5. It’s Better for Your Body

The Kickbike has no pedals and instead is powered by a natural kick motion, think of a hybrid of a skateboard and a bicycle. It works the same muscles as the high-cardio workouts of biking and running, but with a lower impact that isn’t as hard on your body. Since you stand and don’t sit, you have more freedom to move around as you wish as you’re sailing along and there is no uncomfortable seat to contend with for hours on end.

4. No Muss, No Fuss

With no gears or chains, you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes caught up or getting stranded with broken parts. Kickbikes have no complex gears to maintain so they are low-maintenance.

3. Convenience is Key

Without all of the extra gears and chains, the Kickbike is extremly light-weight and takes up less room than a traditional bicycle. The front wheel quickly comes off with a pull of a lever, making it easy to fit in your trunk for transportation. Kickbikes are compatible with car bike racks, as well.

2. The Safety Factor

A big advantage Kickbikes have on 30A, especially in high-density areas like Seaside and Rosemary Beach, is their safety. Kickbacks have a low center of gravity and when you’re riding you always have one foot on the ground, making them far more stable than a traditional bicycle. The standing position and easy kick motion make them very easy to ride and control, no matter your age, size or ability. Mounting and dismounting is as simple as taking a step.

1. It’s Fun for Everyone!

Kickbikes are easily as fast as a fixed-gear bike, meaning you can really get going. They also come in several different models. The Race Max is the fastest scooter in production in the world and there are BMX, off-road, racing and beach cruiser models as well.  It’s a completely different riding experience than being on a bike and a fun and enjoyable way to explore the world around you.

Check out Kickbike 30A!

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