what is a Kickbike?

Kickbike is the world’s leading adult kick scooter. They were invented 25 year ago in Helsinki, Finland as a way to train sled dogs in the summer months when the snow would melt. Over the years they have evolved into an elite fitness, training and adventure tool.

is kickbike easy to assemble?

Kickbikes are super easy to assemble. Scooters, unlike bicycles, have far fewer parts and are minimalist by nature. The Kickbike comes about 80% assembled, the wheels and handlebars are taken off to fit in the box. Most people can assemble their scooter in less than 20 minutes. You can also take it to a local bike shop and most will not charge very little to professionally assemble and tune up – and they get a big kick out of working on Kickbikes as most have never had the pleasure. Here is an assembly video that shows it in action – click here

what maintenance does a kickbike need?

Kickbikes are very similar to bicycles as they need routine care and maintenance, although it is far less with a Kickbike since there are not gears or complex parts. We do recommend a once a year or routine stop at a local bike shop for a tune up as the brakes and certain parts need to be adjusted and lubed up from time to time. At home general maintenance largely consists of quick brake adjustments, tightening of some screws and bolts occasionally and maintaining proper air pressure in the tires. The air pressure is important as, especially with thinner tires, as it decreases naturally it becomes a little slower in speed. The tire pressure range can be found on the wall of the tire itself, just like a car. Check your tire pressure often and add as needed for the fastest and smoothest ride.

how do you ride a kickbike?

Essentially Kickbikes are just adult sized, high performance scooters. So the kick is the same as a kids scooter or skateboard. You simply stand on it, grab the handlebars and push off. It is super easy and a lot of fun.

is kickbiking safe?

Kickbikes are very safe. In many ways, safer than riding a bicycle and far safer than inline skating or skateboarding. You are only a couple inches off the ground, so you can simply stop and step off anytime with ease. All Kickbikes have front and rear hand brakes just like a bicycle.

is riding a kickbike easy?

Riding a scooter, unlike riding a bike, doesn’t take any learning. People of all ages and abilities can simply step on and start riding instantly. Many people who cannot cycle due to weight, balance, ailments or injuries, choose scootering as a fun and effective alternative.

Can you switch feet on a kickbike?

Absolutely, it is easy. Switching feet is a must on a Kickbike and after you do it a few times you won’t even think about it, it just becomes natural. On average you will switch feet every 5-10 kicks. You simply pivot the standing foot to a 45 degree angle and place the kicking foot along side it, then pivot again. Here is a link to a pov video that shows it better – click here

is kickbiking fun?

A resounding YES! You will instantly feel like a kid again and start smiling. It is a nostalgic joy that not many activities can deliver. Although it is a fantastic workout, you won’t dread doing it and actually look forward to riding because it is so enjoyable.

is kickbike a good workout?

Riding a Kickbike is a fantastic low impact, cardio workout. It works your entire lower body, especially your butt and calves, as well as your core and upper body. It is a near zero impact activity so you will not feel sore or stiff afterwards, instead you really feel stretched and loose after a good ride. There are different kick motions you can do to work different muscles and the standing position and fact you have both hands on the handlebars, gives you the freedom to even dance around a bit or practice Yoga moves while riding.

is kickbike good for training?

Absolutely! Kickbiking is a great cross training activity that many athletes use as a vital training tool for marathons, triathlons, Spartan, Tough Mudder and OCR races. NFL and Olympic athletes use Kickbike as well as CrossFit and everyday athletes.

is kickbike good for rehabbing?

Yes! The low impact nature of Kickbike is very effective for people with bad knees, bad back, joint pains, sciatic nerve issues and ailments. Many people have used Kickbiking as a way to rehab after hip replacement, back and knee surgeries as well as runners knee, etc.

what is with the dogs?

Kickbike ushered in an exciting new sport called Dryland Mushing, which is essentially mushing without snow and a dog scooter in place of a sled. Dogs LOVE to pull and Kickbike has a full line of scooters and accessories made specifically for dog sports. While Kickbikes are designed and built to be the fastest, toughest and best competition dog scooters in the world – everyday dog owners use Kickbike to run their high energy dogs around town, the neighborhoods and local trails.

which kickbike is right for me?

Kickbike has a full line of scooters for every kind of activity and adventure. Each model has a slightly different riding stance, components and specialty.

For smaller people, the 20″ Freeride or City are perfect. For cruising around the Cruise Max is the best choice. Fitness folks will love the Sport or Race Max line. Competitive racers will want the Race Max. Entry level dog mushers will choose the Cross Fix or Cross Max. Competitive mushers swear by the amazing 29er. And anyone who just wants the biggest, baddest scooter ever made will go with the Fat Max. If you want to go off-road, the Cross Fix, Cross Max, 29er and FatMax are best. And – if you want the ultimate electric scooter, the eCruise is now available and revolutionizing the industry!

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