Stay at home! That is the message being heard around the world. Well, that is easier said than done when you have a high energy dog at home. Enter…Kickbike America!

The world’s longest running adult scooter company, has also helped pioneer the fastest growing dog sport in the world, Dryland Mushing. Think sled dogs, without the snow (and without the sled).

“With a Kickbike, your dog can run as long and fast as they want, in a controlled, safe and fun way.” says Jordan Crowder of Kickbike America. “Although many of our customers are Huskies and other high energy breeds, really any dog and any person can quickly learn and master dog scootering on a Kickbike.”

Even as states order residents to ‘stay at home’, almost all areas allow people to get outside for daily exercise, and specifically for walking their dog. And as dogs get fewer trips outside, it is even more important to maximize each trip by allowing them to run instead of walk.

“We get so many customers that tell us our products were a complete life saver. Hyper dogs can be very destructive, to homes and even relationships. A good run with a Kickbike, and everyone is happy!”

In addition to the scooter, Kickbike also offers a Dog Leash Adapter that keeps the leash from tangling in your wheel and absorbs shocks. As well as a specially designed Running Line made just for this activity. So as they say, Kickbike has ‘Everything you need to start mushing like a pro’.

Since their company is mostly online based, they were not sure how the recent pandemic and fear of going outside, would affect their sales. Jordan reported to us that sales pre-pandemic were already trending up steadily, and the lockdown seemed to add fuel to that fire. “We don’t do a lot of advertising, mostly word of mouth. It seems that people have had more time indoors on their computers Googling around, and are discovering us as they look for something exciting to get them back outside.”

A whole slate of American dryland mushing races were planned for 2020, but with the current situation, no one is sure if they will happen. However smaller, local meetups all around the country should resume soon. Until then, you have plenty of time to get out and bond with your dog, while learning a new activity and getting some much needed exercise in the fresh air.

Kickbike America is headquartered in Florida and ships daily from their main warehouse in Chicago. They not only have dog scooters, but other lines of adult kick scooters as well as a new electric scooter that looks pretty impressive. So if you are looking for a good low impact workout or need to run some energy out of your pup, check out Kickbike America for something different.