Studies show cycling can harm your genital area in serious ways, but Kickbike is a safer alternative.

One good side effect of the pandemic was the fact a record number of people started to take their health and wellness up to the next level. Bike shops were selling out while innovative new indoor cycling options were all the craze. Unfortunately all those butts plastered to all those ridiculously uncomfortable seats, could be doing serious harm to millions of people.

Riding a bike can cause severe back, genital and pelvic pain, a Kickbike is a safer alternative

We all love and hate bicycles. Sure they are fun, and a staple in our world, but everyone has the same thoughts the entire time they are riding…’This is freaking killing my ass!’. And new research is showing why that is, and why it is more than just an uncomfortable pain.

That pain you feel is due to the pressure from the bicycle seat on your Perineum (the genital area), and has been shown to contribute to problems with urinary incontinence, sexual arousal, and trigger genital pain and numbness in female and male cyclists.

“A study of more than 300 female triathletes, who cycle a lot as part of their sport, reported that one in three suffered incontinence and pelvic pain. Experts have also found female cyclists can suffer decreased vaginal and labial sensitivity, and a higher rate of urinary tract infections.” Dr Philippa Kaye said in a recent Daily Mail article.

A study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found a direct correlation, showing that of the female cyclists they studied, 54% had Female Sexual Dysfunction, 58% complained of genital numbness, and 69% reported pain in their genital area. These participants also reported an associated decreased arousal, orgasm and sexual satisfaction.

Physical Therapists who study this subject believe it is from the pressure that the bicycle seat puts on the person’s pelvic floor area, which can cause pain, tingling, numbness and urinary incontinence.

Girls don’t get to have all the fun, it seems cycling can wreak just as much havoc on men. Lauren Tadros, PT, DPT, is a pelvic floor physical therapist and told Fox News that she sees urological issues in male cyclists from too much cycling. “The most common complaint is tailbone pain or scrotal and penile pain from pelvic floor irritation which can then lead to pain with ejaculation, urinary hesitancy and frequency or pain with urination.”

Another study in PubMed found men who participate in cycling had a correlation between the years of cycling and the presence of lower urinary tract symptoms. The study concluded that high-intensity cycling can have a negative impact on pelvic floor function in some men.

Riding a bike can cause severe back, genital and pelvic pain, a Kickbike is a safer alternative

Now, all this is not meant to bash cycling or suggest that riding a bike is bad for you. Cycling does have some very important health benefits. But what if there was a way to get all those great health benefits in a similar way, without the risk factors. Well, we have found just the product.

Meet the Kickbike! Kickbikes are an award winning, high performance adult scooter. Brilliantly designed by adventure enthusiasts and elite athletes in Helsinki, Finland, Kickbikes have been growing as a low impact alternative to running and cycling for over 26 years now.

Kickbike is a safer, low impact alternative to running or cycling

Many elite athletes, marathon runners and triathletes use Kickbike as a cross-training tool. And it is beginning to become widely known and used for professional athletes to rehab after injuries and training on ‘active recovery’ days.

The vertical standing position is not only very natural and comfortable, but it also prevents the harmful pressure to your Perineum that causes all those scary conditions we talked about earlier.

In contrast to the restrictive seated position and limited range of motion of riding a bike, a Kickbike gives you the freedom to move around while riding — akin to riding a paddleboard. The kicking motion actually works to lengthen and stretch you out, so even after a long grueling ride, you will feel nice and loose, not stiff and sore.

And the cherry on top is, it is just good ol fun! It really does make you feel young again and when you can get a full body, low impact cardio workout, while exploring outside and having fun — without all the aches and pains and potentially harmful effects of cycling — it is just a beautiful thing.

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Kickbike is a safer, low impact alternative to riding a bike or running