We absolutely love this story…Rich The Vegan is currently on a journey to #Kickbike across Canada, raising awareness of the evil Dog Meat Trade and raising support for Animal Rights ❤️ Checkout the video below and support his incredibly noble cause and follow along on his epic adventure!


“Pushing for Hope” is a documentary film made by vegan activist and filmmaker Trey Morrow. The documentary  tells the story of Rich’s trip across Canada in 2019. This trip was titled “Kathy’s Tail” and was in honour of a little rescue dog from South Korea called Kathy. You can find out more about Kathy and her story here.

On the 1st April 2019, Rich loaded up his Kickbike, struggled across the pebble beach and dipped the rear wheel into the Atlantic Ocean near Halifax, Nova Scotia. Full of optimism and hope, his aim was simple: To push a scooter across Canada, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. This journey was something that no one had ever done before. The trip was planned to take three months and with some naivety, I believed that I could push across Canada in that time. It wasn’t going to be that easy! 

On the 26th July 2019, he finally rolled in to English Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia. He walked the Kickbike down across the sand and touched the front wheel into the Pacific Ocean! In doing so, he became the first person to take a scooter unsupported across Canada. #kickbikenation