I have a dream. Yes, dogs dream too. My dream is to be able to run as fast and far as I possibly can. I want to run through the woods, through the city, across the beach, through mud, water…it doesn’t matter, I just want to run! I love running. Did I say that already…sorry, we dogs have a short attention span, but one thing I do love to do, is run.

So when my buddy Sparky told me about this amazing new thing called a Kickbike, I had to check it out. When I saw it, I was like ‘Sparky, buddy, this thing is awesome, but I could never balance all four paws on that thing.’ Sparky barked back, ‘dude, you don’t ride it, your human does, you pull it. As fast and far as you want.’.

Are you kidding me, there is a thing that I can do with my human, that lets me run and run and run, and not only do I not get in trouble, my human loves it too! It is actually my reward! Boy, what a dream come true!

So after a little doggie digging, I found out that this amazing activity is called Dry-Land Mushing or Dog Scootering. It is like those sexy Huskies up in Alaska do on those snow sleds, but we can now do it anywhere! There is even a new version called Urban Mushing that is the same thing, just for those fancy pups that live in the city. There are all sorts of groups, meet-ups, races and clubs starting up all around America so you can go run with other dogs and humans. I haven’t been this excited about something since they made those dog toys that you can put peanut butter in!

Now to get my human on board. I found everything I needed on the Kickbike website. It’s 2017, yes dogs know how to use computers. On their cool site they have informative articles, awesome pictures, ways to connect with the dog scootering community, the best mushing equipment and of course Kickbikes.

To get started all you need is:

A dog like me— really any dog in good health over about 35 pounds is ideal

A harness — make sure it is a good one, not the cheap store bought ones

A dog line — needs to be longer than a typical dog leash

A dog leash adapter— absorbs shocks and keeps line from getting tangled in wheel

A scooter — Kickbike is the original and perpetual Dry-Land Mushing World Champion

My human was so happy to find everything in one place. This is now both of our favorite thing to do and every time we go out we get better and better and closer and closer. Our friends are now joining in and we are starting our own little group. That’s all for now, all this typing has made my paws tired.

Go checkout https://kickbikeus.com/dog-mushing/ for more info!