Feel Like A Kid, Train Like A Pro

Want to get some good, quick cardio in while enjoying the outdoors? The average person who doesn’t have a mountain range nearby or a pool in the backyard will likely resort to one of the Big Two – bike or run.

For millions of people, however, due to age, weight, joint ailments, injury and other issues, running and cycling are not viable options. Running can wreak havoc on your body from the constant jarring impact, while the uncomfortable sitting and bending of the knees makes others cringe just thinking about riding a bike. In addition, more and more people are growing tired of the same old options. What if there was a product that was similar to both, but solved all these problems?

Meet the revolutionary Kickbike. This is not one of those complex, heavy and expensive treadmill or elliptical bikes that you might have seen lately. The Kickbike comes from the minimalist geniuses based in Helsinki, Finland and has been wildly popular, and a growing competitive sport, throughout much of the world for the last 25 years.

Combining the best parts of snowboarding, skateboarding, running and biking, the Kickbike is essentially a super high performance scooter. Referred to as the Porsche of the scooter world, it is slick, stylish and surprisingly fast. It is also an invaluable fitness tool, especially for those seeking a fun and effective low impact workout. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Low Impact

The kick motion is similar to that of skateboarding, but switching feet is a breeze since, unlike a skate or longboard, you have handlebars to keep you sturdy. You will want to switch your kicking foot about every 5-10 kicks. After you do this a few times, it becomes second nature. With nearly all of your body weight positioned over your balancing leg, the foot that pushes off on the ground endures practically no jarring impact. It more so pushes you along like the paddle of a paddle boarder. Unlike running which can leave you sore and stiff afterwards, the kick motion will stretch and lengthen your body leaving you loose and relaxed even after a vigorous workout.

2. Standing Is Good For You

Sitting down, even when mixed with exercise, is simply bad for you. More and more studies are showing that the less you sit, the better off you are. The Kickbike uses a natural and comfortable standing position, making it effortless to step on and off as needed. It really is an amazing sensation…Kickbiking through town, you come to a set of stairs, you step off, grab the ultra light frame, walk up the stairs, set the Kickbike down, step on and glide off…so seamless, so very cool!

3. Full Body Workout

There are not many low impact exercises that work nearly the entire body so well. Kickbiking works all the muscles used in cycling and running combined, with added core, back, shoulder and arms work. There is a noticeable focus on your calves, butt and core and you will see and feel the difference quickly. There are several various kick motions that will work different muscles. Pulling your knee up to your chest and unleashing it downward pulls in all the smaller muscle groups in your lower body as well as engaging your obliques and lower back. This also gives you more speed. Rising up on your stabilizing calf at the same time as pulling your kicking leg up to your chest will work your calves extra good and give you a little more kicking power. The really fun part is coming up with your own routines. The freedom you have on the Kickbike is exhilarating. Don’t be surprised to find your kicking leg stretching out behind you as you cruise down the street in warrior III pose.

4. Low Impact Doesn’t Mean Low Intensity

The Kickbike is powered by you. No gears, no motors, no gimmicks. On the Kickbike you will generally cover twice as much distance as running and burn twice as much fat and calories as biking. The Kickbike has found a niche in cross-training. It is growing in popularity as a way to train for marathons and triathlons, allowing the athlete to train more often and for longer periods of time with less risk of injury and much faster recovery times. Olympic teams have used Kickbikes for track, bobsled and speed skating training and ex-NFL stars like Kyle Turley use the Kickbike to stay in optimum shape.

5. It’s A Lot Of Fun

Wait a minute, we are talking about exercise here…this is no time to have fun! Au contraire. Everybody has a workout that they dread doing and can easily find reasons to talk yourself out of, “I don’t need to go to spin class tonight, I’ll just skip dinner..”. What if your workout was the most fun part of your day? What if exercising was so much fun you didn’t even realize you were exercising? That is the Holy Grail of fitness, and I think we have just discovered it. So if you are looking for a fun new way to get a killer low impact cardio workout, check out the 11 different models that Kickbike America offers. They have kids, women’s, racing, off-road models and more. You might even be able to trick your kids into ‘exercising’ with you.

Get more information and see all the amazing models at https://kickbikeus.com/