Kickbikes are the next BIG thing in fitness! I know that is a very bold thing to say, but I truly believe this. Hear me out, better yet, try one for yourself, and I am pretty sure you will join me in my ludicrous prediction. So what makes a Kickbike so great? It looks like a Razor scooter on steroids…how awesome can that be? Well, that alone sounds pretty awesome to me, but it gets so much better.

Kickbikes are not new. They have been evolving for over 25 years. They are just new to America. Like a lot of really cool things, sometimes we are a little late to the party. But that’s ok, because the adventure/fitness party is here!

The geniuses at Kickbike Labs have created a product that is so simple, yet so revolutionary! Imagine combining the fitness, exhilaration and fun of snowboarding, biking, skateboarding and running!

That is really what the Kickbiking experience is.



At its core, the Kickbike was invented and designed to traverse extreme mountainous terrains. Coming from Helsinki, Finland, Kickbikes are tough as nails and can handle any condition. Made famous shredding down the Swiss Alps, the lightning fast downhill experience on a Kickbike is very similar to snowboarding or skiing. You stand on a Kickbike the same way you stand on a snowboard. You carve and shred using your bodyweight, letting gravity do most of the work. It’s fast, fun and unlike anything you’ve ever done.



Besides the patented aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, most of the Kickbike’s components are top of the line bicycle parts. Despite using the same parts as Giant, Specialized and Cannondale bikes, a Kickbike is on average far less than half the cost of a comparable road or mountain bike. Forgoing all the complexities of modern day bicycles, Kickbikes require very little maintenance time or costs.

The Kickbike experience though is very much bike-centric. Wheels, tires, handlebars, brakes, even the bell, are all the same as you’ve been used to your entire life. The only things missing are the greasy chain that likes to break leaving you stranded, the complex gears that are always out of whack and the super uncomfortable seat. Think of it like they kept all the good parts, and got rid of all the bad ones!



I grew up as a teen in the 90’s. I was a skater. I loved the freedom you had on a skateboard. We would spend hours skating around, covering dozens of miles and never once did any of us ever think of it as exercise. But it was, oh it was. That was the beauty of it. Kickbiking is very similar. You use the same kick motion, have the same freedom to move around, the same low center of gravity and you wouldn’t believe what you can do at a skate park (especially on the 20″ BMX inspired Kickbike Freeride).

However with the Kickbike you can switch feet easily and often (something that is almost impossible on a skateboard), you have front and rear hand brakes that stop on a dime and much larger wheels and hybrid tires so you don’t have to worry about cracks and rocks anymore.



Running is simply one of the best exercises you can do. Amazing cardiovascular, brain clearing, fat shredding, muscle toning workout. It is also very harsh on your joints and muscles. Pounding the pavement can lead to frequent back, hip and knee issues, shin splints, sore feet and more.

Kickbiking uses the same muscles as running and biking combined, with barely any impact, so you can go further, faster and more frequent. The kick motion actually stretches your muscles instead of jarring them, so the next day you feel loose and ready for more, not sore and tired.



So that all sounds awesome, but how and why would I use a Kickbike?

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 3.40.49 AM

Overall Fitness

Kickbiking burns twice as many calories as biking, takes you twice as far as running, works your core, gets you outside exploring which is proven to lower blood pressure, clear your mind and generally improve your overall health.

Marathon Training

Running is great. I love running. But we all know you just simply can’t run every day. It takes a toll on your body. Kickbiking uses the same muscles, maintains the muscle memory, but saves your body.

Triathlon Training

Triathlons combine running, biking and swimming – Kickbiking combines running and biking…you see where I’m going here…train for both events with one exercise. Save time, train more often, increase your race performance.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 3.11.32 AM

Active Recovery

Day off, what is that? Active recovery is how you stay active on your ‘off day’ while still getting some form of exercise in. A gentle, low impact Kickbike ride is absolutely perfect for active recovery days.


Want to maximize your time and workout, High Intensity Interval Training is the best way to do that. Shown to be the absolute best form of exercise, incorporating HIIT into your Kickbiking is as easy as it is enjoyable.

With Kickbike models for kids and adults, on and off-road, beginners to professional athletes, the really is a Kickbike for every person and goal. Kickbiking will change your life. This is the only thing I can think of that is this affordable, accessible, easy, safe, fit and fun while delivering the insane fitness gains that it does.

There truly is nothing else like it…Feel Like A Kid, Train Like A Pro!