CRUISE MAX – Fast, Comfortable, Cool!

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NOW WITH AN EXTRA WIDE FOOTPLATE! As rugged and dirty as the Kickbike can be, the Cruise Max shows that it has a chill side as well! This amazing adult kick scooter combines the freedom of skateboarding and the joy of rolling a beach cruiser. It’s not easy standing out at the beach, but on the Cruise Max people aren’t able to stop looking. Larger frame and wheels supports bigger (awesomer) riders with ease. Oversized tires are perfect for sandy trails and smooth as butter on pavement. Classic wraparound handlebars give you a very natural upright standing position. This Kickbike is fast, confident and comfortable for Kickbikers of all ages and sizes.

Easily the coolest scooter ever made, the Kickbike Cruise Max is also regarded as the best scooter for urban mushing with your dog.

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BRAKES V-brakes
FRONT FORK Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy
WHEELS (FRONT/REAR) double wall rims (alu) 26" / 20"
TIRES (FRONT/REAR) Kenda Flame (from 2016)
STANDARD Bell, Kickstand, Fenders, Mudguards,Tool set

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Matte Black, Matte Metallic Blue, Vintage White

7 reviews for CRUISE MAX – Fast, Comfortable, Cool!

  1. Jordan Crowder

    My all around favorite Kickbike…the oversized tires go over grass, sand, pavement with ease. I love the upright standing position from the classic wraparound handlebars. Such a smooth and fun ride! I often take my dog with me around town on the Cruise Max…you get used to the stares 🙂

  2. Christopher (verified owner)

    Be careful going over speed bumpers!

    The frame is very well built, the wheels that come with the bike are top of the line, Set-up itself was pretty simple and intuitive, The manual didn’t come in with the box but I didn’t need it, everything was pretty much obvious to someone who doesn’t even know a thing about biking.

    My experience is that, I’ve gone over a speed bumper and put a huge scratch at the very bottom. Luckily, You won’t see it unless you’re actually looking for it. Thats fine, I always intended to color this thing Black Currant anyway.
    When actually riding it, each kick gets you about 10x more distance than kicking on a skateboard when on black pavement.

    I’m purchasing a basket and will be using this for both Photography and Fishing.

  3. Bjorn Briel (verified owner)

    I was honestly blown away at how incredible and fun this kick bike is! Capable or going pretty much anywhere you want to take it with class and amazing looks It has easily replaced all other modes of transportation and I can’t wait to get back on it every day. I’m probably in the best shape of my life due to this awesome ride!!!

  4. Steve Dye (verified owner)

    I love this bike. I have been riding small wheel scooters (Lascoota, Razor, Xootr) and they are fun but the difference with the bike is huge. I love being able to go on all terrain and the stability is way better. I will be turning 65 in a few months and recovering from a couple of falls on the scooters has been a wake up call. I put in 50-100 miles a week on my new bike. I love the workout, how I feel after and the results. I get a lot of weird looks in our little Texas town but I could care less…lol.

  5. Andrew Cookson (verified owner)

    I had been looking for a good way to try and rebuild my lung and heart health back up that I could do consistently. I recently had a hemothorax as a result of Covid-19 and had been very weak. I was stuck between picking the safari and the cruise max. I was worried that the thicker tires on the cruise max would make it harder for me to keep moving. Jordan convinced me that the cruise max would be a good fit for me even though all the bikes were a good bet. I am glad I listened to him. The cruise max was perfect for me. It has a nice easy glide when riding and the wheels are very good for the terrain I ride on, a lot of leaves, sand and construction and this bike handles it with ease. I have been kick biking at least 5 days a week and have noticed a big improvement on chronic knee and lower back issues. Once I reach my fitness goals I may treat myself to the fat max. If your on the fence about getting one of these bikes I strongly recommend going for it. They are a lot of fun and you can push yourself as hard as you need to.

  6. Diana

    I’ve had my new bike for 2 days now, and have taken it out 3 times. What a transformative experience! I’ve had 2 different 12″ tire scooters, and while they are nimble and very portable, they are hard work and after 2 falls, I’ve learned to be constantly on the look out for fractured, uplifted, pot-wholly asphalt. This Cruisemax is a dream, it goes so much further with each kick, and it’s so, so smooth and stable. I feel a bit guilty because I come back and am not exhausted or dripping in sweat. It’s so much faster –it feels like you must have a slight downwind. It feels like there are shocks to help absorb all the ruts, but there aren’t. My only criticism is the poorly positioned, low- riding kickstand. It sits to the side and below the foot deck and scrapes bottom on inside curves. I’m just going to remove it. To be fair, there are 2 position options for the back tire, and I’ve got it on the setting with the lower ground clearance, so that is likely part of my problem. A couple of other lovely details — the awesome blue color paint job, not flat but not shiny, not garish, its spectacularly subtle. There is also a metal arch at the back of the deck which keeps one from stepping on the back brake cable — helpful! I also like the wider than average foot-deck width (5.9 inches), so I don’t have to be perfect with my switching-feet technique. I do wish there was a metal loop mounted on the stem, so one can easily lock it up, but I can work on getting something made. All in all, I wish I had bought this a long time ago! I had been told by another company that bigger tires would make for a smoother ride, but not necessarily faster (wrong!) and I also heard a comment that for shorter distances, (<5 miles) there wouldn't be a benefit from big tires (wrong). With this bike, I think 5-10 mile ranges are easily feasible for me now.

  7. Robert (verified owner)

    I find the Kickbike Cruise Max a much better experience compared to the Schwinn Shuffle. I’ve owned the Shuffle for 6 years. I rode it often the first summer and then let it sit in the garage unattended. It was fine for short rides but on longer ones I ended up with some discomfort the next day which surprised me given I’ve been an avid runner for over 30 years. I think it had to do with the geometry of the Schwinn combined with my body movements having to over compensate the structural design. I haven’t had this experience with the Cruise Max.

    The reason I decided to get back into kick biking is that my son has taken up bike riding and I wanted to stay within very close proximity to assist with his riding experience. He can average 8 mph on a flat sidewalk and I found it hard to keep up with him on my bicycle since his coaster brakes cause him stop at varying points depending on his foot placement on the pedals.

    I did some online research and came across a few helpful articles and videos which pointed me to KickBike. I poured over the user reviews and web descriptions as a way to internalize as much of their experience with mine to determine whether it would be a good fit.
    Overall, the Cruise Max is a lot of fun and serves a dual purpose of interacting with my son and if needed, for me to quickly stop, jump off, assist, and pick up riding again without having to manage the complexities of full frame bicycle.

    In comparing the two kick bikes, the most obvious is the quality of materials and lower platform of the foot board, which instantly sets the Cruise Max apart. I debated between the various models including the Safari, Fat Max, and Cruise Max. My wife thought the Cruise Max looked classify and comfy and I found the Fat Max to be cool but she was concerned I would tire out fast in our neighborhood because of the mix of flats and slopes combined with the added grip texture of the Fat Max tires on the pavement. I consulted with Jordan and he recommended the Cruise Max over the other models and he was right. It’s defiantly an all around kick bike, pleasure to ride, and more graceful on my body than the Schwinn. The only item I added was a Cateye Velo 7 to track our speeds.

    Though KickBike’s main product is Kick bikes, it would like to see a future offering of custom kits to convert the frame of Cruise Max to that of the Fat Max or E-Cruise Kickbike.

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