Ultimate Mushing Setup

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We’ve made it super easy to start mushing like a pro! We know that it can be a little overwhelming picking out the perfect scooter, and finding all the other accessories needed to begin dryland mushing with your puppers. So, we gathered together pretty much everything you need and when you purchase this combo setup, we will throw in a FREE competition-grade running line (leash).

What do you get with this combo setup?
> Kickbike Fat Max
> Dog Leash Adapter – Combo+
> Running Line (FREE!)
The only other thing you need is a harness, which we do not currently carry. Here is a link to our favorite one – Click Here For Harness

The Fat Max is the strongest and sturdiest scooter in the world!

  • Upgraded dual disk brakes give you the ultimate stopping power – great for strong dogs.
  • Super grippy off-road tires that are also smooth as butter on the pavement, make riding anywhere a joy.
  • Massive 4″ tires give a very stable and sturdy ride, even over extreme terrain.
  • Perfect model for large dogs or multiple dogs.
  • Super strong and lightweight alloy frame.
  • Front and rear fenders keep you clean.
  • Extra wide footplate for easier riding with two feet side by side.

The Combo+ is our best selling Dog Leash Adapter.

  • Super strong spring helps absorb shocks and keep your ride smooth.
  • Locks into place in front or to the side of the Kickbike.
  • Lightweight but ultra sturdy.
  • Extends out past front wheel to keep leash from getting tangled with wheels
  • Specifically made to be compatible with our Running Line and Kickbike

This Running Line is used by the most elite mushers in the world…in fact, it is made by one!

  • 6.5 feet long (9 feet when fully extended)
  • Strong carabiner on one end, a nice clip on the other
  • Heavy duty materials made to take a beating.
  • The center is stretchy, to help absorb shocks and movements.
  • Specifically made to be compatible with our Dog Leash Adapter and Kickbike.

So there you have it, with this setup, you will be mushing like a pro in no time! Whether you are just wanting to get out and run your dogs around your neighborhood or looking to get into the fast-growing sport of Dryland Mushing, this setup is very easy to use and learn and also extremely high performance and top quality.

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2 reviews for Ultimate Mushing Setup

  1. Jordan Crowder

    Simply the best way to mush with your dog! The wide tires roll like a tank even over rough ground. But they are still nice and smooth on pavement. The disk brakes stop on a dime. The dog leash adapter keeps the leash from getting tangled in your tire and the big shock smooths out sudden jerks. I have a powerful German Shepherd and this setup lets her run her heart out at full speed and it is so much fun to ride with her and let her pull me. It tires her out perfectly. The Kickbike Fat Max is my favorite way to mush!

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    A few months ago, I bought this set up to exercise my two mixed-breed working dogs. Pulling is not their thing but running certainly is, so we use a Riddick’s waist leash for our kickbike outings. They learned how to run alongside me very quickly. We have been going miles every day! The exercise does wonders for my dogs’ behavior and keeps us all fit.

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