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Inspired by long tour riders who need a very comfortable and fast ride, the Safari is our newest addition to the Kickbike family! The mustache handlebars give you a very natural, vertical riding position, so your back is not taxed at all even the longest rides. A lower footboard ground clearance makes kicking a breeze. And the upgraded Shimano disk brakes stop you on a dime, no matter how fast you are going – and with this baby, that is usually really fast! To top this bad boy off, the tires are our all time favorites, the Schwalbe Marathon Racer, a perfect combination of speed, comfort and grip.

The new Safari is the only road Kickbike with disk brakes, and with the super popular mustache bars and all around good looks, this is one of the most anticipated models we have ever released. We are incredibly excited to see how every day and elite athletes use the amazing new Safari. This model makes a fantastic low impact alternative to running or cycling and is great for cross training, marathon and triathlon training and a perfect replacement for road touring bicycles.


BRAKES Mechanical Disc
FRONT FORK alu touring fork
HUB (FRONT/REAR) 100/70mm, quick release
TIRES (FRONT/REAR) Schwalbe Marathon Racer 40-622 / Schwalbe Marathon 47-406
STANDARD EQUIPMENT Bell, Kickstand, Mudguards, Tool set


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Candy Red, Sexy Silver

3 reviews for Safari – SOLD OUT

  1. Harold Jones


  2. Rich Robinson (verified owner)

    I love the quality ride, solid components and the super cool mustache handlebars. My wrists feel better with a more ergonomic and upright position for me. I get lots of compliments out on the hike & bike trails and neighborhood loop. The beautiful aluminum frame with a big 28″ front wheel make for a very efficient machine. Once up to speed I can roll and roll very far with each kick at times even surprising myself!

  3. Rob Hulslander (verified owner)

    I just got my Safari (Nov 2021 for my 70th birthday). I ride it everyday for 1 or 2 hours. I live in central Washington State and we have a lot of snow this winter, and I am amazed how well this bike performs! I ride on a lot of compact snow and ice and it is very stable! The last 2 years before this, I was riding a Xootr kick scooter (which is a great scooter). I did about 2500 miles on my Xootr, but on snow and ice it didn’t do as well (still rode and enjoyed it though). The Safari’s brakes are fabulous and it is a joy to ride! I camp alot and probabily will get a Fat Max in the next couple of years when I can afford it. Love my kickbike!

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