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Try this adult kick scooter, made specifically for the fitness minded, the Kickbike Sport is back and better than ever with the new 4th Generation (G4). The same famous style now with upgraded components for an even smoother and faster ride. Adjustable handlebars let you focus on different muscle groups. Hybrid tires are smooth on top for speed, and knobby on the sides for control and traction through turns and loose footing. Perfect for cross-training, Kickbiking works all the same muscles as running and biking combined, with practically zero impact, leaving you loose and stretched, not stiff and sore. There is now a fantastic 3rd option to running and cycling!



FRAME KB-G4, Steel
WHEELS (FRONT/REAR) Double Wall Rims (alu) 28″ / 18″
TIRES (FRONT/REAR) Kenda 28″ / Kenda 18″
STANDARD EQUIPMENT Kickstand, Mudguards, Tool set

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Sport G4

Red, Black, Orange

4 reviews for SPORT G4 – Low Impact Fitness Scooter

  1. Matthew M. Akright (verified owner)

    Just got my Sport G4 today…Love it!! It is a smooth alternative to running, way more fun than walking, and easier to get around the neighborhood with my kids on their bikes than being on my road bike! Definitely excited for the fitness challenge to come!

  2. KickinJim (verified owner)

    Wow! A few years ago I bought a nice dual sport bike thinking it could help me lose some weight (was up to 310#) and be a bit healthier. Well, the myriad of body issues said NO WAY I’m not pedaling that thing.
    I have only been able to walk / limp about a mile or so without serious pain.
    Step in this sweet Kickbike Sport G4 (I went with orange) and all of a sudden taking the impact off my knee(s), I’m able to cover a lot of ground (quickly). My back and hips (sciatica etc…) feel stretched and stronger rather than just tight with spasms and pain.
    Yes, my leg muscles are certainly getting a workout. Hills are a challenge, but the reward of a smooth, fast, comfortable ride down slope is awesome.
    I just wish I had the space to have the whole line here to take more people out to experience something so different and yet so familiar. It’s a natural motion almost everyone so far, has been able to jump on and go – no learning curve to enjoy and yet if you want to train or target muscles you can. The fun side is so fun though you might not realize how much of a workout it is.
    I would offer this advice…. If you are thinking about buying one (or more) Kickbike(s)for your kids, dog, or just for yourself, DO IT! The construction is solid and lightweight, the ride is great, and you will find you can hardly wait to get outside and go use it. #kickbikenation #aliveandkicking

  3. Nicholas Dann (verified owner)

    Great ride, Have had it a for about 3-4 weeks now and thoroughly enjoy it. Being unable / and totally unwilling to run as a result of multiple knee, leg and hip surgeries this is a sure way to get a good cardio work out with little to no ground jarring impact. Totally natural actions to get this thing rolling, you cover ground with exceptional ease and have fun doing it.

    I’ve had a few people stop me mid training session and ask me what the hell I’m riding and a couple of kids pleaded with me to have a go. The kick bike was super simple to put together, I didn’t get any instructions in the box but personally don’t think you need them, there’s not too much to it really. I think there is an online instructional video but like I said there’s not too much involved to put it together (Front wheel and handle bars (I kept the front mud guard off – the rear wheel came mounted in the frame out of the box) and it was great that it came with the basic tools to get it together, 30 minutes was all it took to get kicking. I’m 6’3” and 225lbs with size 14 feet and its holing up great – I have adjusted the handlebars a couple of time to get a more comfortable riding position and I think I’m sorted.

    You may ask with all this praise and joy why only the 4 out of 5 stars, well with my flipper feet it would be nice if the standing base plate was a bit wider by a couple of inches, additionally if the handlebars could be higher (Ill probably get a stem extender / riser) and finally even though the bike came exceptionally well wrapped up (10 minutes out of my 30 minutes putting it together was spent unwrapping it) my left hand, handlebar rest was badly scratched upon unwrapping. Not massive issues but enough in my mind to only give it 4 happy stars.

    Get one – don’t hesitate.

  4. JohnH (verified owner)

    I’ve had this for about three months now, and I can say it’s great exercise and a lot of fun. I wanted a way to have a workout similar to cross country skiing that I could do the rest of the year, and I am happy with the result. The physical movements feel similar, and it provides a great, low-impact aerobic workout. I have also found that I pull out the kickbike more often than my bicycle for short trips. It’s very convenient for hop-on, hop-off transportation to a coffee shop or neighborhood store, and it gets lots of positive comments. I do a variety of outdoor activities for exercise, and the kickbike is a fun addition because it’s something different to keep exercise interesting. With its large wheels, it handles much better than a scooter and feels more like a bicycle. Riding very far, especially up hill, is more work, but that’s okay when exercise is part of the goal. With more experience, I am developing a more efficient kick and going longer distances. Just remember to lift it over curbs. It has low ground clearance, as it should, for efficient kick action.

    • Jordan Crowder

      Yay, so happy you are enjoying the ride!!! Thanks for the review and have fun out there 🙂

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